Elements of ∞-Category Theory An ∞-Cosmos Compendium

The Elements receives AAP PROSE Award

Yesterday the Association of American Publishers (AAP) unveiled the 105 finalists and 40 Category winners for the 47th Annual PROSE Awards honouring scholarly works published in 2023.

We are very proud to say that the Elements of ∞-Category Theory won the PROSE Award in the Mathematics and Statistics category. Consequently, it is now eligible for the next level of PROSE honours, the Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences and Mathematics, which will be announced in coming weeks.

So watch this space!!!


Zen and the art of ∞-categories

Last Friday morning I spoke in the Topos Institute Colloquium on the topic of model independent and synthetic approaches to ∞-category theory. This might be considered part of our virtual book tour for The Elements.

You can view the video of this talk and play along with my slides.


You may well have heard the rumour that ∞-category theory is “really just like category theory with a little homotopy theory thrown in”. Inspired by that comment, you might even have headed to a book on ∞-categories or to the nLab to find out more, only to find that things in the ∞-world are far from that simple.


MIT Talbot Workshop

The 2018 MIT Talbot workshop on the “Model-independent theory of ∞-categories” took place from May 27-June 2, 2018 in Government Camp, Oregon. Dom and I were co-mentors.

Various resources, including notes from talks, resources, and exercises can be found on the conference website.

Special thanks go to the organizers, to the speakers, and to everyone who took part.