Elements of ∞-Category Theory An ∞-Cosmos Compendium


Here’s what the reviewers are saying about “The Elements”:

‘Emily and Dom have done what many thought impossible: they have written an introductory text on a model-independent approach to higher category theory. This self-contained text is ideal for both end-users and architects of higher category theory. Every page is bursting at the seams with gorgeous insights and the refreshingly candid delight the authors take in their subject.’
Clark Barwick - University of Edinburgh

‘This remarkable book starts with the premise that it should be possible to study infinity-categories armed only with the tools of 2-category theory. It is the result of the authors’ decade-long collaboration, and they have poured into it all their experience, technical brilliance, and expository skill. I’m sure I’ll be turning to it for many years to come.’
Steve Lack - Macquarie University

‘The book of Riehl and Verity is altogether a pedagogical introduction, a unified presentation and a foundation of higher category theory. The theory of ∞-cosmoi is an elegant way of organizing and developing the subject. The extension of category theory to ∞-categories is by itself a miracle, vigorously presented in the book’
André Joyal - UQAM